Възстановяване на данъци

Partnership with us

At DS PRO Consult, we provide our clients with the best suitable flex workers on a structural or ad hoc basis. Motivated and enthusiastic candidates we know personally. Who do not just meet the job requirements, but actually fit within the company culture. We guide them where necessary and feel responsible for our temporary workers. Because if employees are settled in their job, they ensure maximum productivity. That’s another DS PRO Consult assurance!

It goes without saying for us to immerse ourselves in our client’s company. We look into the company culture and contribute ideas about the operating process. We go even further; when placing a suitable candidate, we guide them at the start on the work place. We are only satisfied when everything is clear and the flex worker has settled in. Just like you.

If you offer a job, you can submit your proposal from the form below. Our customer service department will then contact you for details!

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